Transitional Real Estate

CTC-Certified Transition Coach

It was the passing of her Grandmother, Dylis, and the sale of her childhood home that helped Rhiannon to realize that the Real Estate market was undeserved when it came to truly helping clients in sentimental and sensitive times. That was when she set out to develop a means to ensure that clients in trying and stressful times got the care and compassion they deserved. The specifically designed and tailored processes that we use with all our clients include communication plans, Strategic Sale or Purchase Plans and Real Estate Goal Discovery.

To enhance this offering Rhiannon is a a CTC -Certified Transition Coach and a SRES -Seniors Real Estate Specialist, these designations afford her another level of understanding and ability to connect and communicate with clients. Individuals and families that benefit from the in depth and comprehensive services that the The Opportunity Homes Collective provide need a high level of care, excellent follow up communication and compassion and are generally:

  • First-time home buyers where there is excitement and nervousness and fear
  • Those dealing with Estate sales where selling a family home after the passing of family member
  • Couples divorcing or separating who need discretion, compassion and patience
  • Families that have special needs to accommodate such as disabilities
  • Seniors and Boomers who are downsizing from the family home
  • Individuals with disorders such as Anxiety

If you or a family member are looking for the detailed and experienced level of service I provide call The Opportunity Homes Collective at (604) 999-4587 as we would be happy to sit down, chat and see how we can assist you with your Real Estate Goals.

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Family Estate Sales

The passing of a family member is most commonly an emotional time and is an experience can leave family and friends in a state of shock and with several unknowns. It is during this time that the sage advice of a professional is most important. The Opportunity Homes Collective has both personal and career experience when it comes to estate sales after the passing of a loved one and it is our personal experience that led us to create a process to better help families and individuals that are in the position of dealing with inherited property.

Since Real Estate can be a contentious issue after the passing of a family member Rhiannon Foster developed a process that has proven to help families and individuals navigate this difficult time while ensuring that all parties are informed, comfortable and understand their options.

The 4 most common way of dealing with inherited property are:

  • Keep the property in the family
  • Rent the property out and treat it as an investment property
  • Have you or your family move in
  • Sell the property
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First-Time Home Buyers

For a First-Time Home Buyer, the process of purchasing a home or condo can be very exciting, stressful and overwhelming since it is likely one of the largest purchases you will ever make! First-Time Home Buyers need a trusted professional to walk them through all the right steps that will lead them to a successful purchase.

That is why the The Opportunity Homes Collective First-Time Home Buyer plan is tailored to each client to help them reach their Real Estate goals.

The in-depth process touches on these and many other items:

  • Establishing great rapport and a collaborative working relationship
  • Assessing Clients Finances- getting pre-approved for a mortgage or helping to establish a plan to get into the market
  • Assessing government programs that may assist in the cost of purchasing
  • Identifying and discussing the individual steps and process of a home purchase
  • Getting down to the “why”- what is the motivation for wanting to become a homeowner
  • Understanding exactly what clients want and if it is attainable
  • Setting up a communication strategy that works- not all people communicate the same
  • Setting up a strategic timeline to help clients reach their Real Estate goals
  • Starting the education process – learning terminology, getting familiar with the market, affordability
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Boomers & Seniors Downsizing

Just imagine… You have lived in a home for years, you have seen your family grow up in the home, create memories, and become a part of a neighborhood and community. However, with the kids gone and working days behind you, the house maintenance getting overwhelming, your increasing desire to travel it might be time to consider downsizing as an option and the next step in life.

The Opportunity Homes Collective understands that considering downsizing can be a big decision with many moving parts, that is why we have a Certified Transition Coach on our team which allows us to assist clients in reaching Real Estate decisions that better their lives!

Why people downsize? Couples and individuals downsize for many reasons with the most common being:

  • Home layout & Physical Abilities – as we age stairs get harder to go up and down and the layout of a home can be prohibitive to everyday life. This includes the layout of bathrooms, kitchens and entries and exits of a home.
  • House maintenance – Homes are a lot of work! From yards to roofs there are so many items that need to be addressed and sometimes it is easier for people to consider living in a condo where maintenance is taken care of by someone else!
  • Time to cash out- Some have seen their investment appreciate and given market conditions the time might be right to realize the gains and put them to use.
  • Adult communities- More and more boomers and seniors are considering communities where they are surrounded by friends their own age.
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Company & Family Relocations

Consider this… You need to relocate to Vancouver for a job. You do not know anyone in the city and you need to choose a REALTOR® to help you purchase a new home… how do you choose? Relocating to a new city is something that happens all the time, you switch jobs, need to be closer to family, you meet someone new… whatever the reason you need a trusted professional to support you in the Real Estate buying process.

The Opportunity Homes Collective understands that while a relocation can be exciting it can also be stressful as there are so many moving parts.

What needs to be considered when relocating?

  • What budget are you working with?
  • Do you need to be close to work?
  • Can you use transit a means to get to work?
  • Do you have children?
  • What are their schooling requirements?
  • What are your lifestyle requirements?
  • What are your long-term goals?

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the relocation process, trust The Opportunity Homes Collective to ensure that you make the right decisions based on your wants & needs as they analyses and match them to your preferred neighborhood while delivering in your price point!

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Divorce & Separation

No one ever intends to get a divorce when they get married however if you find yourself in this situation then you will need to make some decisions around your matrimonial home.

Consider your 3 basic options:

  • Sell the property and divide up the proceeds
  • Buy your spouses half of the home
  • Sell your half to your spouse
  • Temporally keep joint ownership of the property

There are so many factors that can influence how you move forward with your Real Estate goals including:

  • Do you have children?
  • What is the cost of ownership?
  • Are you comfortable living in the home still?
  • What does the current Real Estate Market look like?
  • Is it time for a fresh start?

When there are so many moving parts, you need a Realtor® you can trust with experience in such complex transactions. Someone who can walk you through the process impartially and with the strictest of confidentiality. The Opportunity Homes Collective is grateful to have Rhiannon Foster, a Certified Transitions Coach, as part of the group. Rhiannon can facilitate and a customizable framework for communication between all parties that is built in an atmosphere of trust so that all parties can communicate clearly and have all their questions and concerns addressed. If you or a family member is going through a divorce or separation and is looking for sound and confidential Real Estate advice from a trusted and experienced Realtor® then please feel free to call or email The Opportunity Homes Collective to book your complimentary and confidential consultation.

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Physical & Mental Challenges

Accessible homes and their features are becoming increasingly popular as veterans return home, families care for older parents and zoning and bylaw changes are made in cities. However, there are still several challenges that the mobility challenged section of the population face when buying or selling a home. Realtors®, in general, are not very knowledgeable about accessible buildings or the challenges that a disabled person might face in a living space.

The Opportunity Homes Collective understands that when buying or selling a home it requires additional:

  • Upfront research in communities and neighborhoods
  • time for showings and meetings
  • Research into layouts and basic features
  • Understanding and care

For individuals living with conditions such as Anxiety there are also large barriers to overcome when reaching Real Estate Goals.

  • There is Fear of the unknown
  • The Fact that you are involved in an unfamiliar process
  • There can be anxiety around leaving your familiar space
  • The uncertainty of being able to handle the shear volume of work when it comes to moving
  • There might be concerns about whether friends will visit or you will have to make new ones
  • There is the possibility of regret.

The Opportunity Homes Collective is pleased to offer the services of a Certified Transitions Coach in Rhiannon Foster. She has the knowledge and the skills to put in place strategies for success built of a platform of communication and compassion. If you or a loved one are considering the purchase or sale of a home and may be faced with physical or mental challenges please feel free to call The Opportunity Homes Collective at (604) 999-4587 for a confidential and complimentary meeting to see how we can help.

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